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more on William Blagg Cherokee application

Just a summary of some info… *posted by me on genforum also but doing it here so I can find it : ) Connections between Blaggs, Fields, Muskrats based on Cherokee Apllication: I think this is right but it’s open … Continue reading

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Blagg Updates and more questions

So, I found some new Blagg info and as usual it creates as many questions as it answers. First off, I was looking at the NARA site and found WIlliam and John Blagg listed with a Cherokee application. Surprisingly just … Continue reading

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I opened a can of worms and got a headache!!

Ever feel you’re just opening a can of worms when you go back and see if there’s new info on an ancestor? Well, I usually do. Here’s a case in point: Israel Blagg. ( Beware sarcasm below!)

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