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getting impatient waiting for my request for Joseph Golladay’s estate records to come in the mail. It’s been almost two weeks. I’m really hoping this will answer some of the questions about Oliver Perry Whitney’s family.

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another version of the Moser/Golliday/Miller Feud

from http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nephelps/2006Mar.pdf here’s another version of the murder trial of William “Crazy” Miller. “Now an old timer has come to our rescue and tells of what was, without a possibility of a doubt, the first grand jury session in the … Continue reading

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Okay, I’m stumped. : ( I’m still fairly sure that Oliver Perry Whitney’s mother Ruth is somehow connected to the Light Family in Clermont Ohio in 1850. But, I can’t prove a link. There’s a Peter and Hepsibeth (Whitney) Light … Continue reading

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A Family Feud!!!

Much thanks to Phelps County Phelps Helps newsletters and the book “Happy as a Big Sunflower” about life in early Phelps County. This book has several other brief mentions about our family, like descriptions of Joe Galladay’s speaking style, Josephine … Continue reading

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Oliver Perry Whitney Parents/Stepfather and step/half siblings

Figured I’d take some time to summarize my information on Oliver Perry Whitney so far. This is from my posting on the Whitney Research Group site: Oliver Perry Whitney was born 29 Dec 1849, IL, and died 4 Nov 1914, … Continue reading

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