Blagg cherokee legend

Found something interesting on Oochalah supposedly Patsy Eaton’s father and Israel Blagg’s first fatherinlaw. I’ll put up the weblink later.

A group of Cherokee were hiding out in the smoky mountains of north Carolina around Deep Creek. The leader of the group was Oochalah who name meant Lichen, the moss that grows on rocks deer eat. General Winfield Scott was searching for a renegade in approximately 1838 and approached Opchalah to help bring him in. The renegade surrender to Oochalah and a firing squad of his men executed the renegade and his sons in Bryson City. General Scott then let Oochalah’s group remain in the smoky mountains and avoid the Cherokee removal.

I have no idea how accurate this is but it’s interesting just for being about the only reference I’ve ever found to Oochalah.

Also found a listing for him in a congressional record listing payments due cherokees fir lost improvements to their lands from around 1842.

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