more speculation on Ruth

ok…here’s some more speculation:

Jacob Light Founded New Richmond, OH

Probably bought land in Randolph Twp, Dearborn Co. in 1814

New Richmond is on Robert Beal’s survey of 1000 acres and David Jackson’s survey of 333 acres. 1804 – Jacob Light purchases the Jackson survey and lays out the town of New Richmond on 85 acres. Divided into 219 quarter-acre lots, six 60’streets and one 33′ street. Lots numbered 98 and 99 were reserved for public use. The name was suggested by a nephew of Jacob’s who had lived in Richmond, Va and suggested New Richmond.
The town later added the adjacent town of Susanna, founded by Thomas Ashburn which stood on 875 acres and was laid out in 1816. Thus Jacob Light is given the designation of the Founder of New Richmond, Ohio.

Ruth is often listed as being from Virginia. Is she connected to the nephem of Jacob? a more distant relationship than maybe I thought but i’m casting the net farther now.

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  1. Just commenting, Jacob Light was my Great-Great Uncle. ?I think that’s how you would say it? (Great Grandfather George Compton Light’s Uncle.) I was doing some research on him for a genealogy project and found this site. Just figured I’d comment if you’re still researching him.

  2. Ralph says:

    Is Ruth Light related to Jacob Light? If So, how?

  3. Randy says:

    That’s the big question. I’m not sure. One of Jacob’s descendants lived in Clermont COunty Ohio. His name was Peter and he married a Hepsibeth Whitney. During one of the census (I’ll edit the date in later) a James Whitney and family lives with them. Also Rachel Whitney who Ruth lived with in 1850 is from Clermont County. I think there’s a connection. BUt I can’t find the proof. My theory is that this James may be Oliver Perry whitneys grandfather and Rachel is either his aunt or great aunt. Ruth I think is a niece or cousin of Peter Light. But I can’t prove it and I could be wrong. Just finding Ruth at all was a miracle and her maiden name took about a year to find. The only place it’s mentioned is her son homers death certificate.

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