Joseph Golliday Will

Well, today I got my packet of info on Joseph Golliday’s will. In the words of the people from the Nebraska State Historical Society ” the quality of the prints is regrettably very poor”. The originals were apparently quite faded when microfilmed and the film itself has not held up well. The actual original may be on file in Phelps County Clerk Office and I may eventually try to get copies from there. Anyway, the good news is there was enough readable to answer a number fo questions and as always create more.

Just to recap, Joseph is the step – father of Oliver Perry Golliday. His wife Ruth is OP’s mother. Oliver is not mentioned in the will as far as I can see. My proof for Oliver being a part of this family needs that final “oomph” to tie it all together and this wasn’t it.

So, I can finally confirm that their sons did get listed on census under first and middle names which had caused confusion. The sons are David James, Christopher Washington, Homer Aaron, Issac Sylvester and William Henry. He had daughters Frances Mariah Golliday Logan (Tubbs) and XXXXXlia Ellen Golliday. Unfortunately whether that is Cordelia or Phedila can’t be made out and census’s list it both way. The thrid daughter whose name is really a mystery since it’s illeible on the census to is not mentioned. Ruth Golliday is mentioned as his wife.

The executor of the estate is John Mintz, a farmer who lived nearby.

One question remaining is why there is a William on the census in 1870. It would appear that is Christopher Washignton. There is an older son William Henry from the first marriage who gets a brief mention in a will addendum. I think he stayed in Iowa. He’s the wrong age. Perhaps the census taker messed up.

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