Oliver Perry Whitney Parents/Stepfather and step/half siblings

Figured I’d take some time to summarize my information on Oliver Perry Whitney so far.

This is from my posting on the Whitney Research Group site:

Oliver Perry Whitney was born 29 Dec 1849, IL, and died 4 Nov 1914, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS. He is buried in Cowger Cemetery, Doniphan Co., KS.

He married 1873, Rock Falls, Phelps Co., NE, Cordelia Moser, daughter of Samuel P. and Rebecca (Polly/Paulin?) Moser. She was born 18 Apr 1853, Greenville, Darke Co., OH, and died 19 Feb 1930, Burns, Laramie Co., WY.

Oliver’s birthdate could be 1850 – 53. 1849 date is most used. Birthplace varies from Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. Marriage could also have been in Warren County, Iowa.

Children of Oliver Perry and Cordelia (Moser) Whitney:

i. Rebecca Tabitha Whitney, b. 18 Aug 1874, KS, d. 29 Dec 1957, Amazonia, Andrew Co., MO.
ii. Mary Pearl Whitney, b. 26 Oct 1875, KS, d. 14 Sept 1905, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO.
iii. Josephine Whitney, b. 13 Dec 1876, KS, d. 14 Oct 1971, Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY.
iv. Sarah Jane Whitney, b. 21 Jun 1878, Betrand Co., NE, d. 11 Apr 1955, McMinnville, Yamhill Co., OR.
v. Nancy Ann (Anna) Whitney, b. 16 Apr 1885, KS, d. 3 Dec 1913, Fillmore, Andrew Co., MO.
vi. Frank Perry Whitney, b. 30 Dec 1889, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS, d. Horton, Brown Co., KS.
vii. Ollie Virginia Whitney, b. 14 Dec 1891, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS, d. 7 May 1970, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS.

Oliver’s location in the various census’s:
1850: not found.
1860, Union, Warren Co., IA: Oliver Golliday
1870: not found.
1875 Kansas Census, Harvey, Smith Co., KS: O.P. Whitney
1880, Rock Falls, Phelps Co., NE: Perry Whitney
1885 Kansas – Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS: P. O. Whitney
1895 Kansas Census, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS: O. P. Whitney
1900, Burr oak, Doniphan Co., KS: Perrey Whitney
1905 Kansas Census, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS: O. P. Whitney
1910, Burr Oak, Doniphan Co., KS: Perry O. Whitney

His death certificate is here. It lists his father only as James, no listing of his mother.

His mother is Ruth Light (probably) Whitney Galladay(various spelling). His father was James Whitney. Stepfather is Joseph Galladay. His half brother Isaac(Ike) is listed living with with OP in 1895, and as an uncle with OP’s daughter Nancy Ann in 1910. This was my first real clue in finding his parents. Isaac is living with his mother Ruth in 1880, along with brothers including Homer. Homer’s death Certificate lists parents as Ruth Light and Joseph Galladay giving me Ruth’s maiden name. The Illinois Marriage database lists her as Ruth Whitney when she marries Joseph Galladay in 1853. In the 1860 census there is an Oliver Galladay living with them who was not in the Joseph Galladay family in 1850, and I’m convinced that’s OP. He drops out of census until 1875 when he’s already on his own living with Cordelia. I have no evidence of him in 1850. I find Ruth Whitney in basically the right place, but living with a Campbell Family. The head of household is listed as dead, and the wife is Rachel Campbell, who marriage records indicates had a maiden name of Whitney. My guess is this is OP’s aunt, James’ sister, but I can’t “prove” it. I’ll post more on Rachel and the possible Light/Whitney connection later.

Anyway, Joseph Galladay/Golliday had the following children prior to marrying Ruth: George R. Golliday and William H. Golliday. I can’t find much on William, but George dies in the Civil War. William must die also since a child of Ruth and Joseph is named William, but there’s no evidence. Ruth later files a pension application based on his service. (see prior post for image of it)

Ruth and Joseph have the following children for sure: Homer A., Isaac Sylvester, Frances Mariah. They also have James and William on the 1870 census who I think are the same as David and Christopher on the 1880 census. Isaac is listed as Sylvester in 1870 and Isaac in 1880 so the switching of names seems to fit. He’s clearly Isaac Sylvester on some later records. Chris and Homer live with Ruth in 1900. I really want to express frustration at this name changing.

Ruth and Joseph also have two other daughters. Phidelia and Con are the names in 1870, and in 1860 there is a Cordelia, who I think is the same as Phidelia. One of these daughters is the one kidnapped by William P. “Crazy” Miller who was killed in a shoot out with Samuel and Jacob Moser and Robert Dale. More on that story later, but it again links the Galladay/Whitney/Moser clans.

So OP has step brothers William and George, and half siblings Homer, Isaac, James David, Christopher William, Cordelia/Phidelia, Frances, and Con. So far I only have definate information on decendants for Frances Mariah Galladay Logan Tubbs who had quite a few children. The kidnapped daughter had at least one son as well. Homer and Isaac had no children.

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    Please respond for I am certain that I have much to share with you concerning the life of Samuel P. Moser and several events concerning Oliver & Cordelia Moser Whitney. I am decended from Samuel through Jacob.

    Sincerely Richard D. Moser “moe”

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