Nebraska Homesteads – Galladay and Moser

Homestead Record at FOLD3.  Ok, I loved these.  They are limited to Nebraska so far.  I found homestead info on Samuel Moser, Ruth Galladay, Jacob Moser, and all the allied Families from Phelps county.  Actually, the records are cool.  They list things like what kind of buildings are on the property, what crops are grown, when they arrived and built the home.  Ruth;s was really helpful.  It was also exciting to see Samuel Moser’s actual signature (he’s about the only one that didn’t use a mark).  Each file had at least two witness testimonies with it, so seeing how all these folks knew each other and supported one another was kinda cool too.  Nothing earth shattering info wise, but a couple nuggets.

Joseph and Ruth apparently went from Iowa first to Harlan County, not Phelps.  Joe applied for his land in Oct. 2, 1872 (a year ealrier than I thought) and Ruth joined him on the homestead and they built the house there and moved in March 26 1873.  Looks like the Millers were there, the Sweezeys and everyone we already knew.  From first read it looks like the Moser’s got there just a bit after, but I’m not sure yet.  Anyway, here’s who homesteaded on Range 20 West:

Section        Name
2        William Wilcox
3        Thomas Parker
5         Samuel Young
21        Ruth Galladay (Joseph is deceased by the filing)
Prior E. Miller (better know as Elton P Miller)(executor of       William’s land)
William P Miller (heirs)
William P Miller (heirs) (he’s always been William C on everything else)
24         Samuel Dale
27        Robert Dale
Jacon Moser
28        Thomas Downing
Samuel P. Moser
29        William Carnegy
30         William Drayton
33        John Mintz
Adam Miller
34        Ellison Cress
John Daggett
Thomas Dale
William Manley
James Sweezey

Now looking at whose claim was where, it hits you that William Miller was right NEXT door to the Galladay homestead.  I mean they share the same section.  Just makes the tales of the dealings between them all the more chilling.  Couple things, John Mintz was Joe’s executor.  I wonder if Adam Miller is another brother or realtive of Elton and WIlliam.  Elton nows goes by Prior E Miller.  These claims are mostly filed right before or after the WIlliam Miller Trial.  Finally I’m closely looking at the signatures on these witness to see if I can figure out that unreadable on on Joe’s will.

And one little tidbit for fun — here’s Ruth description of the homestead – A sod house 18×20 ft, a stable, corn crib, blacksmith shop, a well, and 100 acres under cultivation.  She grew wheat, rye, barley, corn, potatoes and garden vegetables.  And one more little thing — Ruth sends a letter with the application explaining the name is GALLADAY not GOLLADAY, so we can see when they started being consistant.

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