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Connections between Blaggs, Fields, Muskrats based on Cherokee Apllication:

I think this is right but it’s open to interpretation!!!

JJ Fields and Timothy Fields are sons of Elizabeth Jane Blagg and Richard Fields.

Elizabeth Jane is the daughter of John Monroe Blagg.

Richard Field’s aunt Elizabeth Fields was the first wife of John Monroe Blagg.

Since Elizabeth (by relation to her sons) and William Blagg are named as cousins, this would seem to make John Monroe and Israel Blagg brothers which might help finally place Israel in the right Blagg family.

Daniel Muskrat on the application is either the son or grandson of Elizabeth and a relationship with Daniel Muskrat. This occured probably outside of marriage either before or after her marriage to Richard Fields. I am having difficulty figure exactly when out.

Richard and Elizabeth Fields are children of Ezekial Fields the son of Texas Cherokee Chief Richard Fields and Jennie Buffington.

I haven’t placed George Fields yet. ***actually….looks like he’s a son of Ezekial and Richard and Elizabeth’s brother.

and more from my notes:

Info from William Blagg Cherokee application made based on his relation to Cherokee’s on his mother’s side.

Made in 1896

William was 56.

His son John made application for himself and children Edna and Charlie.

William’s two daughters’ Ellen Blagg Dwyer and

Other Children are listed on wither their parents or William’s own Apllication.
Burton 26
Jessie 16
William 18
Mandie?? (hard to read) 10
Karl 8

There are two Williams so watch ages.

Application addidavits confirm William’s father as Israel Blagg and his mother as Patsy Heaton who died prior to witnesses meeting family. She was descended from Oochalah. She died no later than 1856 (George Fields affadavit — other info has her dying in 1849 or so).


George Fields, 56, knew family 40 years.

D.D. Muskrat, 25 years old. Second Cousin of William.

Emma Harris
Joseph Osborne
J. A. Armstrong
W.C. Smith knew them 1 year.

JJ Fields, 44, knew them all his life. Second cousin, mother was “own cousin” of William. Syas William resided in Indian Territory for several years prior to Civil War, then left during War, then came back and resides in I.T.

Timothy Fields, 34, knew all life. Second cousin, mother is “own cousin”.

Info is on roll 37, pages 590 – 600 approximately.

Possible connections:

Elizabeth Fields (daughter of Richard Jr.) m. John Blagg ukn. (Richard Fields was a cherokee sub chief) (also married to William Thompson)
Richard Fields (son of ezekial — Elizabeth Fields Blagg brother) m. Elizabeth Jane Blagg — had son richard timothy fields b. 1862.
Daniel Muskrat was married to Elizabeth Jane Blagg also. Son: Daniel Salix Muskrat jr. (Muskrat was also married to Martha Fields daughter of Ezekial, sister of Richard above)

Also, John Monroe Blagg married one of the Richard fields sisters, Elizabeth Ann Fields.

Richard Fields, born 1830 in Cherokee Nation, East, Native America; died 1862 in killed by rebel Indians during Civil War; married Elizabeth Jane Blagg 1848 in Delaware District, Indian Terr., OK; born in Siloam Springs, Arkansas; died November 16, 1873.

Notes for Elizabeth Jane Blagg:
Elizabeth Blagg, before she married Richard Fields had a child with Daniel Muskrat. She never married Daniel Muskrat, but he later acknowledged Daniel, Jr. known as “Salix” as his son. Salix Muskrat went on to be elected County Sheriff in Delaware County, Oklahoma. There are a few pictures of him in Heritage of the Hills.

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