Blagg Updates and more questions

So, I found some new Blagg info and as usual it creates as many questions as it answers.

First off, I was looking at the NARA site and found WIlliam and John Blagg listed with a Cherokee application. Surprisingly just the next day, the applications were posted online by making my subsription actaully worthwhile this month. : )

It’s a pretty good source of details. (Not as detailed as some applications, if you have a person with an application, look it over some are incredibly detailed) The main application is for Willian Blagg son of Israel. His children under 18 are grouped with him and the older ones have separate pages in the application. There’s two William’s so be sure to keep track of which is which. His son John (my great grandfather ) has a page there too. Any, on to the goodies.

There are a couple of handwritten testimonies of realtive and friends. George Fields, Timothy Fields and Muskrat have the most details. There is confirmation that William is Israel’s son by his first wife. Her name in most references is Mary Patsy Eaton, but here her name is given as Patsy Heaton or just refered to as a Heaton. She was a cousin of the Fields and Muskrat. She died before any of the witnesses met the family. She is a descendant of Oochalah who is listed on the Cherokee census of 1835. The case apparently was denied. The demural form states there was no Oochalah in the Cherokee records, but I confirmed this person is on the census, so not sure why there was no appeal.

Anyway, question one: Is Mary Patsy an Eaton or a Heaton? I’ve found no sources listed for the onlines trees listing her as Eaton, so I’ll probably use Heaton for the time being since I can source it.

I spent some time today looking up her info on the various online trees and remebered that there is a charlotte Eaton in the tree also. Charlotte is shown on trees as a spouse of John Monroe Blagg and also as Caleb Blagg who were cousins. But the marriage dates overlap. Also, she is shown as the daughter of Surrey Eaton, but other none Blagg trees show that Charlotte married a Ellis Buffington Towers. So, I’m marking her as a questionable person. Hopefully she wasn’t married to all three people at the same time and we’re talking about different people. Knowning the intermarriage of the Blaggs I wondere if the charlotte in our tree could also have been Heaton. At any rate, she is most likely not the daughter of Surrey Eaton.

SO things to do are: Research the Fields to find links to Blaggs, look for Heaton records, and see if anyone sources the Charlotte Eaton in our tree.

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