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Olver Perry Whitney and Cordelia Moser Marriage Record

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Joseph Golliday Will

Well, today I got my packet of info on Joseph Golliday’s will. In the words of the people from the Nebraska State Historical Society ” the quality of the prints is regrettably very poor”. The originals were apparently quite faded … Continue reading

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Family:Whitney, Oliver Perry (1849-1914) – WRG

Family:Whitney, Oliver Perry (1849-1914) – WRG. link to my page for O. P. Whitney on the Whitney research Group.

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A little error out there

Yep, there’s a a few errors out there about our family. Some pretty understandable, some transcription erros and some just bad speculation. I’ll occasionally post a few on here to help me (and maybe you) keep track. Otherwise I find … Continue reading

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Okay, I’m stumped. : ( I’m still fairly sure that Oliver Perry Whitney’s mother Ruth is somehow connected to the Light Family in Clermont Ohio in 1850. But, I can’t prove a link. There’s a Peter and Hepsibeth (Whitney) Light … Continue reading

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A Family Feud!!!

Much thanks to Phelps County Phelps Helps newsletters and the book “Happy as a Big Sunflower” about life in early Phelps County. This book has several other brief mentions about our family, like descriptions of Joe Galladay’s speaking style, Josephine … Continue reading

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What happened to them?

Yep, we all have them…those family members who just…well…disappear. I’m looking for Oliver Perry Whitney b. 1849/50 somewhere in 1870. It’d also be nice to find something in the 1850 census or to prove he was born after it. But … Continue reading

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Oliver Perry Whitney Parents/Stepfather and step/half siblings

Figured I’d take some time to summarize my information on Oliver Perry Whitney so far. This is from my posting on the Whitney Research Group site: Oliver Perry Whitney was born 29 Dec 1849, IL, and died 4 Nov 1914, … Continue reading

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