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Sam Moser Picture

Here’s a picture of Sam Moser in a group. It’s from an issue of the Phelps Helps from the genealogy society there. Click it to get a larger version, he’s 5th from the right.

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Mosers’ buried in Oxford Cemetery – Harlan County, NE

Here’s some of the Moser information on people buried in the Oxford Cemetery. Altho the cemetery is in Harlan County, the town is in Furnas County. Moser • Artlene Mar • 1932 • 1932 • Moser • Ernest Rudolph • … Continue reading

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A little error out there

Yep, there’s a a few errors out there about our family. Some pretty understandable, some transcription erros and some just bad speculation. I’ll occasionally post a few on here to help me (and maybe you) keep track. Otherwise I find … Continue reading

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The Moser Migration

Here’s a little google map showing the Moser’s traveling thru the country! It needs some work. You have to click on the blue labels to get the info to show up, I’d rather it popped up when you hovered over … Continue reading

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A Family Feud!!!

Much thanks to Phelps County Phelps Helps newsletters and the book “Happy as a Big Sunflower” about life in early Phelps County. This book has several other brief mentions about our family, like descriptions of Joe Galladay’s speaking style, Josephine … Continue reading

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Oliver Perry Whitney Parents/Stepfather and step/half siblings

Figured I’d take some time to summarize my information on Oliver Perry Whitney so far. This is from my posting on the Whitney Research Group site: Oliver Perry Whitney was born 29 Dec 1849, IL, and died 4 Nov 1914, … Continue reading

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So what’s been going on here?

I’ve got most of the kinks worked out. Still not happy with the interfacing of the blog and the database software, but there’s not any terrific option to fix the issues now. So, for now, you have to log in … Continue reading

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