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Well, just letting everyone know the blog may not get updated for awhile. I live in New Orleans and have to get out of town due to Gustav, so might not be doing much on here geneaology wise for awhile. … Continue reading

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And maybe a little error here :)

Soooo… know how you’ve been just coasting along every little bit of evidence and all the documents lining up perfectly and then you find one little piece that just messes the whole thing up?

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A little error out there

Yep, there’s a a few errors out there about our family. Some pretty understandable, some transcription erros and some just bad speculation. I’ll occasionally post a few on here to help me (and maybe you) keep track. Otherwise I find … Continue reading

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Okay, I’m stumped. : ( I’m still fairly sure that Oliver Perry Whitney’s mother Ruth is somehow connected to the Light Family in Clermont Ohio in 1850. But, I can’t prove a link. There’s a Peter and Hepsibeth (Whitney) Light … Continue reading

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Floyd Tyson Parents Report

Checking out how the PDF reports might be used on here. This should link the page for Floyd Tyson’s parents. Click the link below to see! floyd-tyson-parents-report

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Some helpful links

So yeah, lots of the links out there aren’t very useful, they’re never updated, have little to no info, or just for whatever reason aren’t helpful. I figured I’d toss out some I actually have found useful.

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The Moser Migration

Here’s a little google map showing the Moser’s traveling thru the country! It needs some work. You have to click on the blue labels to get the info to show up, I’d rather it popped up when you hovered over … Continue reading

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William Armstead – Immigrant

William is the great grandfather of Mildred Armstead — from a bio in Cutler’s Kansas. WILLIAM ARMSTEAD, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 11, P. O. Valley Falls. This popular gentleman is a native of England, and was born in Yorkshire, in … Continue reading

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Benjamin F. Johnson

Here’s some biographical info on Benjamin Johnson — Ella Johnson Blagg’s grandfather — I can’t remember where I found it on the web, but I’ll put a link to the site when I locate it again!! It’s quite detailed and … Continue reading

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A Family Feud!!!

Much thanks to Phelps County Phelps Helps newsletters and the book “Happy as a Big Sunflower” about life in early Phelps County. This book has several other brief mentions about our family, like descriptions of Joe Galladay’s speaking style, Josephine … Continue reading

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