Okay, I’m stumped. : (

I’m still fairly sure that Oliver Perry Whitney’s mother Ruth is somehow connected to the Light Family in Clermont Ohio in 1850. But, I can’t prove a link. There’s a Peter and Hepsibeth (Whitney) Light living there. There’s a James and a David Whitney the right ages to be OP’s grandfather and uncle

living with them. They have a daughter also named Ruth (definately not the right person). A related Light family has a son Oliver Perry Light…..with no sister Ruth I can find. So, for now looks like a brick wall again.

Just to summarize the background:

Ruth Whitney appears in 1850 with no son living with Rachel (Whitney) Campbell in Martinsville Clark County IL. Rachel and her Husband GW Campbell were married in Clermont County.

She marries Joseph Golliday in 1853 in Coles County IL.

They move to Warren Co, IA in 1860 where an Oliver Golliday is listed as a son.

In 1870, there’s no Oliver. Ruth (Joseph dies in 1879) appears in 1880 in Phelps COunty, NE with Oliver Whitney nearby.

Ruth’s maiden name is given as “Light” on her son Homer’s death certificate in Washington.

Oliver’s father is listed on his death certificate as James Whitney, no mother listed with Ollie Long as the informant.

So, based on this, we get Ruth Light marrying first James Whitney who dies in 1849 or 50 (according to an e-mail he dies going west with Ruth and Oliver), then Joseph Golliday. She probably dies in Buchanan County MO in 1909, one year before they start keeping death cetificates.

Note on 1850 census: this *could* be a different Ruth Whitney. I think it’s the right one, since Radhel is a Whitney, both husbands die around the same time. But, OP is not listed. He could be left off by accident, could be he was born later than we think. Ruth’s son Isaac lives with OP and with his daughter where he’s lsited as an uncle evidence is pretty certain on Ruth and OP’s relationship. Just never can 100% complete the connections. Also, Grandma confirms the Galladay family (they change the spelling) were relatives of Grandma Camp (Ollie Whitney).

Found nothing about James other than the mention on OP’s ceath certificate at all so far.

Apparently the Nebraska archives have a copy of the estate records for Joseph Golliday. I need to figure out how to get a copy, it might finally answer some questions if OP, his stepson, is mentioned.

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  1. Edwin Paul says:

    I am sure the only Ruth Light in Clermont County is Peter’s daughter. I am descended from two of his brothers. Jacob and David, and Ruth is the only one I have. You might try Kathy Alvis Paterson or Frank Light as they may have something I don’t.

  2. Randy says:

    Thank you, I’m hoping to find out more regarding her from her daughter’s death certificate eventually.

  3. Tobin Richter says:

    I am descended from Peter Light and Hepsibeth Whitney of Clermont County, Ohio. Our family lore is that Hepsibeth was born in New York in 1805.

    Tobin Richter

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