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So yeah, lots of the links out there aren’t very useful, they’re never updated, have little to no info, or just for whatever reason aren’t helpful.

I figured I’d toss out some I actually have found useful.

The Missouri Death Index — this has Missouri death certificate images from 1190 to 1957. Found Oliver P.’s dad’s name here

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index — this has most Illinios marriages indexed. It’s been very helpful. Found Ruth’s marriage here.

FamilySearch Records — kind of limited information here, but the Washington Death Index was very helpful in tracking the Galladay/Whitney connection thru parent info on death records. Also, their census images seem clearer to read than ancestry’s altho there aren’t as many.

Cutler’s Kansas History — If you’re looking in Kansas this can be a really helpful book. There are lots of bios of people and information on counties and towns. I didn’t find a lot, but what I ddi find was very useful.

Cindy Marcell’s Cemetery Site –Lots of cemetery photos from the midwest, especially MO, IA, KS, and NE. Found loads of interesting stuff.

Findagrave — Has probably the largest collection of tombstone photos. Easy to search and found lots there. is good too, but has more text info, less pictures.

I’ve personally found the genweb sites and their knockoffs disappointing. There’s usually not a lot there, it’s rarely updated, and more complete sets of the records are online at, which makes sense because it’s a pay site, but still, clicking on marriage records at a county site and finding 4 names uploaded 5 years ago is disappointing. Darke County, OH and Johnson County KS are good sites although they don’t seem to get updated, but Warren county IA and Doniphan and Jefferson Kansas are really disappointing, as is the Phelps NE site. Well, to be fair, they have good basic info, but that’s it and I don’t think the actually info on them ever gets updated. Oh and Phelps has links to newsletters up to about 2005…don’t know why none since then. And then there are site like one in Missouri where it’s primarliy just an ad site for the coordinator’s PAID genealogy services. Anyway, some of the good and some of the bad……

edit: I left off a site I found helpful Lincoln County Washington GENWEB

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