More Wyoming Tidbits

more wyoming newspaper tidbits about Callwell, Berkey, Fink.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Liggett and Mrs. J.(Josephine) Callwell and Ida Fink (Mary Pearl Whitney daughter) spent Sunday Afternoon with John Brown and wife. (Mary, Josephine’s daughter)
Burns Herald March 18, 1920

Several Fords, etc. loaded with a party of young folks, equipped with well filled baskets spent the day at the Springs Lakes Sunday. All reported a delightful time. Those who were of the party were, Mr. and Mrs Herbert Thurrow, the Misses Stella Farver, Jennie Lupkes, Goldie Libbee, Ruth Ballard, Leak Berkey (Sarajh Jane whitney daughter) Ida Fink(Mary Pearl Whitney daughter), Daisy Hendricks, and Mae and Irene CHilcote and the Messrs Sam, Oliver and Jake Berkey (Sarah jane Whitney sons), Clarence and Loyd Debruyn, Stanley and Ray Chilcote and Bryan and John Judy.

Burns Herald June 17, 1920

Bert Crosy and wife visited the Berkey home.

Misses Leah Berkey and Ida Fink spent Sunday with Miss Irene Phillips.
Mr. W. Miller and family spent Sunday with R.M.Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. John Brown visited her mother Mrs. J. Callwell

Burns Herald March 6 1919

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