whitney odds and ends

In 1910 Living with Jacob and Eva Moser
in Rocks Falls are Earl and Ida Fink who are
Mary Pearl Whitney Fink’s children (Oliver and Cordelia’s grandchildren).
Mary died in around 1905. Ida later lives
with Josephine Whitney Callwell another daughter of Oliver and
Cordelia in 1920. I just found it interesting that
these Fink children ended up with
Jacob and Eva. The children were born near St. Joe
and it seemed off these 6 and 8 year olds were
with great uncle and aunt.

Next, Clyde Phillips Nancy Whitney’s son lives with his AUnt Elsie Atkins in 1920 in Miami County KS. On the same page is Wendell Surface, grandson of Michael Surface , Rachael WHitney’s second husband. Recall that I think Rachael is Oliver P. Whitney’s aunt. Currently following this a bit to see if it leads anywhere. Other coincidences, Wendell has a daughter Elsie, Joseph Galladay’s first wife was an Atkins. Probably won’t go anywhere, but who knows.

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