What happened to them?

Yep, we all have them…those family members who just…well…disappear.

I’m looking for Oliver Perry Whitney b. 1849/50 somewhere in 1870. It’d also be nice to find something in the 1850 census or to prove he was born after it.

But here’s a few dropped off the face of the earth people:

Lydia Moser b. 1838 after 1850
George W. Moser b. 1840 after 1860
Catherine Ann Moser b. 1845 after 1870

James/David Galladay b. 1867 after 1910
Christopher/William Galladay b. 1870 after 1910
Cordelia/Phidelia Galladay b. 1858 after 1870
Con/??? Galladay b. 1862 after 1870

Those are just a few….

Of course, they aren’ quite as difficult as those that just appear out of thin air….

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