Brick Walls

These are the people that are my main brick walls.  I can track back to them, but either have trouble confirming their parents are just can’t find anything about who their parents were.  There are obviously a lot more places I can’t track back, but these are in the closest generations to me.  I’ll add more info on them later.


Samuel P. Moser

Rebecca Paulin (?)

Walter Long’s birth father

James Whitney

Ruth Light

Israel Blagg (two possible sets of parents)

Mary Patsy Eaton

Ross Bruner

Jesse Lassiter

Job Smith

Mary Shade

William Williamson

Nicholas Taylor

Thomas Kirkendall

George Miller

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5 Responses to Brick Walls

  1. Richard D Moser says:

    Hey Randy I was just checking your list of people that are a brick wall for you… Just Maybe ….there is a William (Bill) Williamson in My paternal Grandmothers line(her maternal Grandfather)……very little info, no birth or death dates but he married a Susan Harris and he served in the Civil War for the south. They had eight children.. 1. Elsie, 2. George, 3. Martha b. 1872 d.1955 lived at Esser IA and later at Wathena KS married a Elmer Merritt and later a George Haug.(I have a little more info on this person), 4. Mary (twin of Martha d.1891), 5. Lutecia 6. Laith, 7. Cary, 8. Rena

  2. Randy says:

    My Williamsons seem to be from Arkansas and Illinois. But I’ll look and see if there’s a connection.

  3. Bkellner says:

    Hi Randy,
    I am researching my g-g grandfather Samuel Young and noticed your Phelps County homestead info included him. I am trying to figure out his ancestry and noticed that his father was buried with Dales/Mussers “Mosers” in Centre County, Pa. Do you think that he and your Samuel Moser might have been related? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Bob Kellner

  4. Randy says:

    The Dales in Nebraska related to my family were first generation immigrants from England. Samuel Moser is supposedly from Pennsylvania though.

  5. Randy says:

    Probably not. I never have come across Young as a name in the family yet.

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