So what’s been going on here?

I’ve got most of the kinks worked out. Still not happy with the interfacing of the blog and the database software, but there’s not any terrific option to fix the issues now. So, for now, you have to log in to them separately. You can leave comments here without a login, but to view the database you need to sign up and get a login and have me send you a password. Just e-,ail me or leave me a comment and I’ll set you up.

On the research front, there’s not a lot new. Found a spouse for Jacob Moser’s daughter “Feby” who seems to really be named Pheobe. No new info on the Whitney/Moser ancestors tho. I’m thinking about having the Nebraska Historic Society do a search for me to get Joseph Galladay’s will, and some info from the Nebraska 1885 census. But we’ll have to see. has an index for the census, but the transcription is horrible! Ruth is Ralle, someone is Orlines, I can’t figure out who, and Homer is Heman. All listed as Galady instead of Galladay. But it does indicate they stayed in Rock Falls until at least 1885. Haven’t done much on the other family lines recently and still need to prune out the “legendary” people from dates before say 1600 or so.

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