YDNA Testing — Walter was a Sawyer?

So, YDNA testing is completed after 5 month wait. Irritated but it seems helpful. It would appear most likely that Walter Evertton Long birth father was most likely named Sawyer, Sayer, Sauer or some variant (Sawyer most likely). You’ll recall that there has been some dispute over his birth being in 1909 or 1910 due to Ollie Whitney marrying Albert Long in 1911. He appears as Walter Whitney on the 1910 US census as a child of Oliver P. Whitney and Cordelia. His mother Ollie is listed as Ollie Whitney another of their children. The “legend” I was told is that Walter’s father was kicked in the head by a mule and died before his birth. The name my grandmother recalled was “Saunders” so Sawyer is pretty close. Closest DNA match is for a line from a Bertrand Sawyer — but of course so far it’s leading no where definite. However, the testing was useful and appears to have given a strong clue to follow.

It would be interesting to see if some a Moser or Whitney YDNA test could link those branches to someone definite. I may contact some of the males in those direct lines and see if they are interested.

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