DNA musings

So, it’s been over a week since I got my DNA results. I’m….well, not disappointed…but kind of feeling blah about it. I’ve not broken down any brick walls (not that I was expecting to) and the sheer number of matches is a bit overwhelming. And I have absolutely no idea how to organize what I’m doing. So let’s do a Good/Bad rundown.

The good:
Confirmed quite a few family lines — I’ve found matches with common ancestors and we’ve got the same folks in the trees.
The ethnic breakdown was interesting.
New contacts.
There’s a lot of information.

The bad:
The lines in common seem to end right where I do already.
The information is really badly organized. Sorting by places doesn’t work well. Even browsing trees is tedious with poor search functions.
Way WAY too many trees are either private or not uploaded. It’s just really annoying to have an extremely close match and no idea how you connect because their tree is locked down.

I have been mostly using ancestry and familytreedna so far to look since GEDMatch is down. It stopped working the first night I tried to use it, so yeah…maybe that would be more user friendly.

ALso, I think I need a bit of studying as far as the technical DNA stuff. I’m a bit baffled by the 7.25 centimeter match on chromazome 48 with 95% confidence etc….lol.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded my GEDCOM to familytreedna and GEDmatch plus the tree is on ancestry and here (of course) so perhaps more experienced DNAers will find me if I can’t find them.

I’ll probably do a list of say great grand parent lines I can connect with DNA later on, as well as a post listing who I can’t find matches for. I’ve had at lest one match for all the genetic grandparent lines, so yeah tracking down the great grandparents would be next.

Anyone have suggestions comment here or on the Facebook page here

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