Rebecca Moser

So, way behind on posting this, but frankly it’s about the only new thing.  Cousin Mo did some research and found deeds in Lebanon County PA for Samuel and Rebecca Moser’s home there.  In the process he narrowed down the location to search and I was able to Rebecca’s Parents through church records.  They are George and Sarah Palm of Lebanon County Pennsylvania.  She had at least the following siblings: Cyrus, Simon and Maria.  Of course, this is one of those families who all use the same 4 first names. The more famous George Palm who is easy to research isn’t ours.  And yeah, there’s multiples of all the other names too.  I have spouses and some children for her brothers who seem to have stayed there but that’s about it. (Palm of course gets spelled Palin, Palmer, Playmer, Palon, etc as well.)

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