Questions Questions I got Questions! (more research thoughts)

I’ve been trying to organize some of the early 1800 Blagg info and I’ve become confused beyond belief.

First off I want to just thank all the blagg families for naming their children all the same names.  <sarcasm>

I’m convinced there are two Israel Blaggs.  One born around 1812 who is William Blagg’s father.  The other is older and shows up in the same general areas at the same times I think but just can’t be the same person.  And what if anything the relationship is remains a mystery.  The older Israel is the one on the Indian removal petition and the 1800 census as “Joreal blagg”.  It’s created questions in my mind about them being father and son.  I *KNOW* every researcher out there has Israel as the son of either John or William Blagg (sons of Caleb) but no where have I seen any original  source document proving it.  I’m fairly convinced that young Israel and John Monroe Blagg are brothers and John has an older male on the 1830 census with him that could be their father.  Why isn’t the father listed as head of Household?  Or if he is then that jsut opens another can of worms.

Several researchers have Charlotte Eaton as the wife of Caleb Blagg and John Monroe Blagg at overlapping times.  They link her to a Charlotte Eaton daughter of Surrey Eaton and Jenny Buffington, but that charlotte is documented as marreid to Ellis Towers at the same time.  This family is a branch of Chief Richard Fields and seems well documented.  There is a Blagg link in the family tho, actually two.  John Monroe Blagg married an Elizabeth Fields and Elizabeth Jane Blagg married Ezekiel Fields so there’s connections.  I’m guessing the Charlotte in our family is a different charlotte eaton connected to this clan.

On the subject of Eatons — I find nothing on Israel’s first wife outside the Cherokee applications mentionins her as Patsy Heaton.  Those applications all tie the family to the Fields family mentioned above, but the missing link remains elusive.

One new note, I found a Cherokee War service record for Israel Blagg, but don’t know is it belongs to the older one or ours.

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