New look and new functionality

How do you like the new look?  Those pictures up there ^^^ if you click on them they’ll take you to the last (or is it first?) in each family line that’s featured on here.  There’s also a little tab up there at the left above the small pictures and under the big picture that says “FAMILIES”.  If you hover over it, the names of the same people come up.  Hover over a name and that person’s parents will show up.  Click on a name or a picture and you’ll go to pages that show information and genealogy charts on the person. (If you click on a picture, you have to click in the post where it says “here” to find all the good stuff.)

On the information pages you’ll find charts with clickable links to other people in the trees. If you have corrections, additions, more information, or pictures or documents related to people on here let me know.  If you’re willing, I’d be glad to put it on here so the whole family has access to this digital history.  I’m slowly adding pictures and other media I have so it’s easy for anyone to access.  Just please don’t download it and then use it for any commercial use.

I hope you find the new design helpful.

And welcome to A Kansas Family.

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