Some new stuff!

Thanks to Karen Blagg, I recently received a disk of old family photos and tidbits for the Blagg/Johnson family. I’ll be incorporating some of them into the database as I get to it. There’s also some interesting family histories that I won’t post because of copyrights, but if you want to know more, let me know. I’ll also try to edit more of the tombstone pics so they have location info on them to help keep them organized. Plus, I should be updating the tags on here so it’s easier to find stuff, but that’s a long term process.

Techie stuff on site follows

The datdabase program, TNG Software, is annoying me a bit. It has a few weirdly functioning things that are making me redo descriptions mutiple times. It’s more than likely user error on my part, but the methods that should let me move groups of media at one time won’t work, so I have to do each image individually which is annoying. It’s still the best software for what I eventually want to do, but it has some shortcomings.

Also, moving my tree from to here hasn’t gone smoothly. First, I deleted every linked item by mistake and then as I add people on ancestry or update notes and stories, they don’t trnasfer like I want so they have to be uploaded and relinked. It’s going slowly…..really slowly….

I’ve stopped using the first tree I did on ancestry since I went cloning happy and have stuff on it that is not documented and started a new tree there. It’s the one I import over here. I’ve tried to delete all the livign people or at least hide them, I only link in people with what I figure are decent sources for their relationship and information (at least in my direct line. I have auto added siblings, second spouses, etc just so the info is there, but use that stuff with caution!!!), and generally want it clearer and better documented. I get so frustrated finding info that disagrees with what I’ve found that has no source or indication of where it’s from so I can’t track down why it differs.

Finally, I want to give all my direct ancestors their own pages like I have with Ollie and Oliver Whitney where they show up as subsets of each other. It’ll put more info in the WordPress blog part of the site where anyone can see it, then only if you need details will you need to look at the database.

ok…that’s it for now.

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