fixing stuff —

I got some of the family page links working again, am adding place coordinates so maps show in the database, trying to fix the media so they are linked to people again, and am working on adding cemetery information. Oh and deleting a bunch of duplictates that I keep creating.

A couple people have asked in e-mails about why I require a password for the database….well…I keep most of my documentation and sources online. Since some of it is the work of other people, I don’t really want it just posted out there where everyone in the world could see it and stick it on one of those pay sites. Any family members can ask for a password and I’ll give ya one. I just figure this way I’m a lot less likely to accidently violate anyone’s copywrite and/or irritate someone because I forgot to give proper credit. I try to provide links to my sources that are online…but we all know links die…so I tend to cut and paste stuff to preserve it since I really don’t print things out and keep paper copies. : )

I’ll be putting up locations and sources on the media images here in the near future. A lot of them are from before I decided to do a website so I didn’t really source them well. : (

ummm…that’s about it….

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