What’s going on?

Well, I’ve been taking advantage of some time off from work and completely redoing the back end database of information. I originally, like lots of people, went cloning happy on ancestry and just added every tree link I could find and didn’t really do much of my own research independently. So, while finding LAdy Godiva somewhere in my tree was cool, much of the information was “legendary” or not researched and a lot was probably wrong. So, I’m doing a whole new tree which will just have people I’ve pretty much researched myself. Well, the main line at least will be well researched. Siblings and people not in my direct line will generally have limited info like birth and death or whatever is linked from ancestry.com’s trees. But some will be pretty well researched since tracking alternate lines has been helpful for finding info on parents not found on my own ancesters ( O.P. Whitney’s mother is a good example, most of her info came from his sibings records). So, most direct ancestors will have sources listed and I’m leaving out the “specualtive” stuff mostly. Also, I finally figured out the “alterante facts” bit so any alternate name, birth date etc, will be separately listed. Anyway, that’s what’s up.

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