Site updates

Check out the new Families page on the tab above!

It’s got links to my great grandparents’ generation and brief information about them and links to more information in my database. I’ll be expanding the individual pages as time goes by.

I’ve better integrated the blog and database pages for cosmetic reasons. It’s not perfect, put I’ve hacked up the database template enough to resemble the WordPress template. Some pages still might look odd, let me know if you see anything really terrible.

Also, I’ve started listing tags on each post to the individuals listed in it. Click on a name and it will bring up other posts on that person.

Remember there is lots of other information in my database. You can sign up for access here. If you have information to contribute on any of the people or lines, either ask me for a log in and you can have access to add it yorself, or contact me and I’ll send you an e-mail address to forward it to.


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