Well, what’s next?

I’ve been thinking about what to do with this site, how to organize it, etc. My idea at first was to use it as sort of a central clearinghouse for people researching these lines to leave comments…but no one leaves any so far. I still plan to have it do that, but I’d like to do more. I’m going to obviously use it to organize my thoughts and document my research. I plan to use more tags to make searching on each surname in the posts easier. The database side needs my attention quite a bit. I want to get all the living people out of it, remove the “legendary people” like Lady Godiva (rofl), and generally clean it up. That’s going to take some time tho, since there’ s no easy way to do it other than get in there and delete delete delete. I want to find a way to indicate on there who is well researched and who is just a guess or speculation. There will probably be more documents and images if I can find them or anyone sends me some (hint hint). I’ll be getting a scanner to put some of my pictures and all from here at home online soon. My next major project will be to start an occasional feature on some of the better researched people in my tree. Any ideas you have out there would be appreciated too.

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