The Oliver Family

Martha Muse Oliver, wife of Benjamin Franklin Johnson, comes from a pretty interesting family. She’s the grandmother of Ella Dorcas Johnson who married John Sylvester Blagg (just so y’all can place her).

This information is condensed from here.

I think it’s the first definate link to a Revolutionary war veteren. Martha’s grandfather, Douglas Oliver, sserved from 1775 to 1776 including along the Potomac. He served nine tours of duty.

Charles Yarbrough Oliver, his son, is lsited in the 1850 Census mortality schedule so the above link’s mention of his death in 1854 seems incorrect. The family seems quite influential in Anderson COunty TN.

I actually found this to be a really good link. I’ll post some more info I found on the Oliver and Muse families in the next few days. It seems a pretty well researched line of the family!

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