I want to thank all the people and organizations who make online genealogy research possible. Without them, there’d be very little on here.

I’ve tried to put links to where I found information so that visitors can continue their own research and also so I can find the original later. Information I’ve posted on here I think is either not copyrighted or I’ve tried to use it under a fair use approach. More than likely, I’ve failed at some point. If anything of yours is on here and you want it removed, just let me know. In some cases I’ve posted more from an internet source than maybe I should have, but web sites have a habit of disappearing and taking their information with them. I am in no way trying to claim credit for others work, but am just seeking to help preserve it for my own and others use in the future. But like I said, if you want something removed, just ask.

There are some sources I’ve found tremendously helpful. Among them are (altho it’s expensive, and kinda spotty in accuracy and on updating info on states I need), (a fantastic source for tombstone information and grave photos — whoever OZ is has photo’d lots of the cemeteries I’m nterested in — THANKS OZ!!), Cindy Marcell’s Cemetery Site (which has lots of photos and info from NE Kansas and Missouri), the Jefferson county Kansas GENFORUM, and the Kansas and Nebraska (among other) GenWeb sites. The Kansas one has text of several Kansas Histories that included some of my relatives. The Missouri State death index has actual death certificate images, and there’s a good Illinois Marriage index run by Illinois also. There are tons of other sites I’ve used as well. I would warn you to always do your own research tho, because there’s lots of wrong information out there (and maybe even on here — but I try).

Anyway, again thanks to everyone out there on the Web, all the people who answer my e-mails, and everyone who contributes on here. Finally, feel free to use any of the information I’ve transcribed or put together myself for anything free or non-profit. Just don’t put it in a “pay for it” form please. Free genealogy rocks!

If you’re using something I’ve gotten from another site, please link to the original source.


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